4 Reasons to Diversify Lead Generation in 2019

Whether you’re in business development, sales, marketing, or all the above, I’m sure you’ve utilized a lead generation program. Depending on your market, I’m sure you’ve also been inundated with lead generation offers from “annoying” salespeople. They may all seem the same, but I promise you, they are not. Here are 4 reasons why you should diversify to avoid a business catastrophe.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

This is a piece of advice which means that one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything. Lead generation is a constantly changing landscape. What if the source of your leads, whether internal or third-party, is obstructed? Business won’t stop with a diversified portfolio of lead sources.

“Put all your eggs in one basket… the handles going to break. Then all you’ve got is scrambled eggs” – Nora Roberts

Opportunity Cost

“The loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.” Ask yourself, why not try another program that may provide better ROI? At the very least, you’ll have an additional source during slow times. At the most you’ll have a high value partner to increase market share. If the company is legit, it’s obvious they are providing value to companies in your industry. You’ll want to do some investigation for references and background.

“The biggest expense is opportunity cost” – Warren Buffett

Avoid Stagnation

So many times I hear, “I’m happy with the lead generation programs we’re using”. The programs you’re using aren’t going anywhere (if they create value). No one is saying abandon what’s working. At the beginning you took on lead vendors to increase sales, right? You had to filter through what worked and what didn’t. Why change the process that led to increased sales? Avoid sinking into the status quo.

“The Manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it” – Warren Bennis.

Reach a Wider Audience

Most lead generation efforts take place online. The internet is massive. People from all walks of life flock to different places on the internet. You may be losing out if your business doesn’t have a strong presence in multiple places and platforms.