The research is in: winning marketing strategies live on mobile. If you want to boost engagement and maximize the conversion of your solar and home improvement leads, a smart SMS strategy is key.

Text messaging remains the number one communication method people prefer. Average consumers check their phones 52 times a day and are more likely to open a text message before any other form of mobile marketing. That’s why more and more solar and home improvement contractors are turning to text as their first point of customer contact.

SMS platforms offer a quick, simple method for reaching prospective clients and converting their interest into business. Here’s why:

1. Text beats email: The numbers don’t lie. Text messages have a 98% open rate whereas email sits at just 20%. Better yet, consumers are 8 times more likely to engage with a text than an email. When it comes to response time email doesn’t even come close. Consumers typically respond to a text message within 90 seconds while an email remains unengaged for 90 minutes. If you’re looking to quickly drive conversion your first point of contact should be on text.

2. Leads text back. Not only are consumers more likely to engage with the content you send via text, they are also more likely to follow-up with questions. Texting gets the conversation started, and gives you the ability to nurture leads and support potential customers. When contractors can quickly communicate value to homeowners, the conversation is more likely to convert prospects into customers.

3. SMS keeps you top-of-mind. Savvy homeowners shop around, meaning competing contractors will always be vying for your leads. Your company needs to be the first option that comes to mind when customers consider a home improvement project. Texting your leads helps keep your brand top-of-mind, whether you’re finalizing the details of a deal or checking in to nurture an old prospect.

Want to get started? Our products make it easy. Using our free SMS platform, solar and home improvement contractors find that 38% of leads click on the link in the first text.

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