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Most Common Questions

Guaranteed Appointments:
  • Growth Tier: 15 guaranteed appointments in the first 30 days.
  • Scale Tier: 25 guaranteed appointments in the first 30 days.
Free 30-Day Trial:
  • Refundable retainer if we don’t produce results within 30 days.
No Long-Term Commitments:
  • Cancel anytime if not satisfied.
Exclusive Appointments:
  • All appointments are exclusive to your company.
Dedicated Account Manager:
  • Your account manager also serves as your ongoing account success manager.
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We build your team a qualified appointment machine and stack your calendar based on your capacity and goals. We handle all the heavy lifting, fill your calendar so you can focus on sales and grow faster than ever.
Window Installation contractors that need more appointments for growth.
  • Window Installers who are sick of not having performance or spend guarantees.
  • Teams that struggle with Lead Conversion and prefer a “Done For You” guaranteed appointment and revenue generating partner. 
  • Teams of closers on staff that need their calendars filled up
  • People who Understand High Value Return on Investment
We are experts in paid ads with Youtube,Google, and Facebook. We haven a proven conversion workflow which allows our US based multichannel contact center to professionally schedule qualified appointments with your team.

Yes, we guarantee 15 appointments in the first 30 days for the Growth tier and 25 appointments for the Scale tier.

The number of guaranteed appointments depends on the tier you choose (Growth or Scale).
If we don’t produce results, you don’t pay.
We do not guarantee sales. Our expertise lies in generating local demand exclusively for your company and guiding homeowners to the appointment stage. Closing the sale is up to you and your team.

No, we handle everything up until the sale. Our focus is on generating local demand and securing appointments.

Cancel anytime. We don’t believe in long-term commitments unless it saves you money and lowers your cost per sale.

Consistent appointments typically begin within 7 days of launch. Booking the onboarding call as soon as possible helps expedite the process.

Yes, we offer a 30-day trial where if we don’t produce, we will refund the retainer for our service.
Yes, we offer a 30-day trial where if we don’t produce, we will refund the retainer for our service.

Service Questions

Yes, our contact center services are free up to the number of guaranteed appointments on the tier you choose.

Yes, we offer vertical-specific sales training for Growth tier and above. You can access our sales training and certification process on demand.

We offer industry-leading knowledge base, resources, reporting, regular growth and optimization calls, and more. Your account manager will also serve as your ongoing account success manager.
Yes, our appointments are always exclusive to your company.
Yes, our multi-channel contact center and workflow automation will engage with prospects until they sit with your team for an appointment.

We’ll build your qualified appointment machine and stack your calendar based on your capacity and goals.

Best Practices

Please see our “Resources” section for detailed best practices. We also offer on-demand sales training that’s proven to produce results.

Window Installation Industry Trends

Market share concentration is low for the Window Installation industry in the US, with the top four companies generating 32% of market revenue in the United States in 2023. The level of competition is low overall, but is highest among smaller industry players.


Sales Training Videos: On-demand access to comprehensive sales training.

Knowledge Base: Detailed articles and FAQs on optimizing sales processes.

Webinars: Regular webinars covering best practices and advanced sales techniques.

Growth Optimization Calls: Regular calls with your account manager to review progress and strategize improvements.

Yes, we provide a broad spectrum of easy to implement guides to optimize local SEO. Check out our Google Business Profile Checklist, content media resources, social media marketing, and many more. 
These FAQs and offers are designed to address potential client concerns and highlight the benefits of partnering with