Terms & Condition


LL Media, LLC d.b.a. Sunlynk and/or Homelynk websites and marketing efforts are compliant and ethical. All opt-in forms include the statement found HERE. Our privacy policy can be found HERE. LL Media, LLC d.b.a. Sunlynk adheres to all sales and marketing-related codes described in the SEIA Solar Business Code. All leads are guaranteed by LL Media, LLC d.b.a. Sunlynk to be sourced from sites that are TCPA, and CAN-SPAM Act (FCC enforcement) compliant.


If someone didn’t ask to meet with your team (based on our call recordings, SMS communication, or web tracking) we’ll replace the pre-set appointment. Partner may return invalid live transfers, pre-set appointments, and web leads that are duplicates received within the same thirty (30) day period. Partner may also return invalid live transfers, pre-set appointments, and web leads that are deemed “Fraudulent”. For the purposes of this agreement, a “Fraudulent Call” or “Fraudulent Appointment” means a Call or Pre-set appointment submitted by LL Media to Partner that is the product of fraud or manipulation of information on the part of LL Media or any of its publishers.


Partner may cancel service for any reason. Cancellation must be received via text or email communication. Cancel at any time, any existing funds will be refunded. Cancellation requests may take no longer than 72 hours to take effect.


Partner acknowledges that LL Media, LLC will charge their account in the amount agreed upon to fund their account. Partners must maintain a positive account balance in order to receive web leads and/or live transfers. Each solar web lead, pre-set appointment, and/or live transfer sent will result in a deduction to the account balance in the amount agreed upon, and as displayed in the lead distribution platform.
Partner agrees to pay for web lead, pre-set appointment, and/or live transfer that is successfully distributed to the Partner via an email address, direct posting instructions, or live transfer number that are deemed valid per the I.O. terms. The Partner will be charged for live transfers not answered if the live transfer occurs during indicated hours of operation. In the event there is a technical issue, both parties are responsible for providing proof of errors.

* Initial invoice will be created upon signature of this document.

You will be provided simple instructions on how to pay invoices in the portal. The initial charge must be completed before the lead campaign is active. This amount will be auto charged when the account falls below $50 unless 1) Otherwise indicated in the “Program Details” Section of the associated IO. OR 2) Account is canceled. You may cancel at any time.