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Targeted Homeowner

We realize that purchasing Roofing Installation leads requires a part of your marketing budget. That is why we work very hard to ensure that we send you quality leads that fit your targeted audience.

At LL Media, we can target your audience by geo, average utility bill, home value, utility company, roof type, home type, the list is endless (and at no extra cost)!

Real Time
Lead Validation

Using real-time data validation upon web submission, our proprietary scoring system will auto-reject invalid leads and skim out a lot of the junk that you may see from other providers.

Growth Minded​

At LL Media, we strive to get better everyday. We are constantly improving our processes and our websites based on our solar installation partners and consumer feedback.

Concentrate On
Your Strengths

Today’s fast-paced world requires companies to focus on the most important functions of their business. Our Solar Installation partners know that. In rapid growth periods, other operations often require high resource expenditure allocated to secondary activities like generating more business rather than servicing the customers you already have and providing quality front-end services.

This is where we come in. With SunLynk, you can have a partner you can trust that has the experience you need to help you grow your business by connecting you with viable, potential customers.

As your trusted partner, we focus our experience and expertise on getting you the best possible leads so you can grow your business while you do what you do best: closing the deal and installing a solar solution.