Top 5 CRMs for Solar Installers

August 3, 2022

Why should solar project managers and business owners use CRM?

CRM, better known as management software, that promotes customer relationships, is a very effective tool in the business world. A CRM is used to manage sales teams and quotas, nurture leads at all opportunity stages sales process and perform marketing automation.

However, there is a minor obstacle in the absence of traditional CRMs that are solely focused on solar projects, which is why you, as manager or owner, should seek out a CRM for your solar company.

Why Invest in a Solar Specific CRM?

CRMs are crucial for solar project companies. As soon as the deal is closed, the customer management software will start making life easier for both upper-level management and front-line staff. In any case, it will automatically populate all relevant context and information, including engineering, design, licensing, service, installation, and JCO. A CRM will also enable your solar company to optimize the software used to manage advanced sales and marketing activities, in addition to all of these advantages.

Another advantage of using a solar CRM is that the solar operations management system becomes centralized, eliminating manual inefficiencies and reducing solar operations and maintenance costs exponentially.

To achieve the best possible results, it is preferable to use specialized CRMs rather than a traditional one. This article will talk about best CRMs for solar project companies.

2022 TOP 5 CRMs for Solar Installers

1. is one of the best solar CRM software and a leading sales transformation platform focused on solar operations. It uses highly advanced computing systems with cutting-edge technology. You have one of the best systems with specialization in your solar product projects thanks to GoSolo, and you can customize and change them whenever you want. The platform simplifies the entire process while increasing business efficiency and effectiveness.
The software’s dynamics make it necessary to have documents on hand quickly and succinctly. A complete support team is made available by the software to accommodate your needs for any problems. To expedite production and design, the software offers users permission packs that are fully filled out. Your payment and loan plans will get off to a head start thanks to the platform’s partnerships with approved lenders.

2. Solar eCRM

Solar eCRM is software that includes numerous applications and utilities that can help you differentiate your company in the market as you grow your business. As the market’s leading CRM software, it is designed specifically for solar energy project companies, with a focus on simplifying the processes involved to maximize profitability through increased sales and reduced managerial redundancy. Solar eCRM allows users to use the app anywhere, no matter changing city, state, or country as it is compatible with many mobile devices nowadays. With the feature, you can operate your managerial activities like accessing your sales information from home or any other place and knowing every progress of the company.

3. Solar Graph

Solar Graph software is one of the leading CRM software for solar project companies. The software is developed with the specifics of the solar market in mind, therefore, optimized to have the best solutions. The software has solutions with integrations that facilitate project and team management. Through this platform, users can create precise roles and issue permissions to the personnel who are part of the team. Every team member can have personalized access to the critical details they need to work on, from finance to sales.

4. Solar Logics

Solar Logics is an excellent CRM platform and software for solar energy project companies to facilitate the company’s management processes at all stages, such as finance, accounting, and sales. The resources are adapted to the fundamental activities with the intention that companies, managers, and employees assess their functions and operations quickly and provide the activities of solar services more cheaply and efficiently to the market to obtain maximum profitability.

Solar Logic works with a method that is developed through a calculator focused on the costs and types of solar panels, specifying their sizes and other factors that affect the choices of solar panels and other solar devices by customers. It comes bundled with a calculator that provides a customizable area that feeds any specific data from the installers. You have the option of entering your constructive, geographic, and technical specifications to make estimates into the calculator.

5. Spotio

Spotio is one of the top CRM software options focused on solar energy companies. Countless solar energy representatives have adopted Spotio to increase sales and cut costs and productivity for their solar utility companies. Spotio helps managers segment addresses and residences that fundamentally suit the client’s profile, based on information such as credit score, telephone numbers, age, and consumers with sustainable thinking and rental values.

Spotio is a great prospecting software, ensuring that you never miss out on crucial information when passing leads to sales staff. It allows companies to focus on commitments with a sense of urgency within the field. Automating time-consuming tasks is a great way to increase productivity, and the Spotio platform provides this essential functionality. Activities like redundant information and data and logging don’t need to take as much time anymore.

The software helps the engagement of the target audience which doubles through the communication sectors that are integrated. Even if salespeople are no longer working for the company, their activities and their lead data history remain in the system, ensuring that vital data is maintained for reference to other current sales reps and to others who will work at the company in the future. company.

These are the most successful CRM software programs currently available on the market. They have maintained consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness in the integration of company data, which helps solar project companies obtain a greater profit and increase their sales. All these platforms make it possible for businesses to develop services that can automatically configure themselves to adhere to the standards of the company.

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